C Programming and Fortran

Duration: 30 hours
Instructor: Chetraj Pandey
Fee: NRS. 8000

Course Objective: To acquaint the student with computer software and high level programming languages. Emphasis will be given on developing computer programming skills using C.

Prerequisites: Being a fundamental course, this course doesn’t require prior knowledge of Programming. We will start this course from scratch. However, basic familiarity with other programming language is a plus.

  1. Introduction to ‘C’ programming

    1. Character set, Keywords, and Data types

    2. Preprocessor Directives

    3. Constants and Variables

    4. Operators and statements

  2. Input and Output

    1. Formatted input/output

    2. Character input/output

    3. Programs using input/output statements

  3. Control statements

    1. Introduction

    2. The goto, if, if … … else, switch statements

    3. The while, do … while, for statements

  4. User-Defined Functions

    1. Introduction

    2. Function definition and return statement

    3. Function Prototypes

    4. Function invocation, call by value and call by reference, Recursive Functions

  5. Arrays and Strings

    1. Defining an Array

    2. One-dimensional Arrays

    3. Multi-dimensional Arrays

    4. Strings and string manipulation

    5. Passing Array and String to function

  6. Structures

    1. Introduction

    2. Processing a Structure

    3. Arrays of Structures

    4. Arrays within Structures

    5. Structures and Function

  7. Pointers

    1. Introduction

    2. Pointer declaration

    3. Pointer arithmetic

    4. Pointer and Array

    5. Passing Pointers to a Function

    6. Pointers and Structures

  8. Data Files

    1. Defining opening and closing a file

    2. Input/Output operations on Files

    3. Error handling during input/output operations