Electrical Distribution System Design

Duration: 10 Days
Instructor: Binay Sigdel
Fee: NRS. 7500

Electric power distribution is the final stage in the delivery of electric power; it carries electricity from the transmission system to individual consumers. Distribution substations connect to the transmission system and lower the transmission voltage to medium voltage ranging between 11 kV and 33 kV with the use of transformers. Primary distribution lines carry this medium voltage power to distribution transformers located near the customer's premises. Distribution transformers again lower the voltage to the utilization voltage used by lighting, industrial equipment or household appliances.


  1. General Overview of Power Grid in Nepal
  2. Description of Distribution System in Nepal
  3. Existing Distribution System as per DCSD, NEA
  4. Different Types of Distribution System
  5. Load pattern of distribution side
  6. Designing the distribution side substation
  7. Transformer sizing for distribution system
  8. Poles and Conductors in distribution system
  9. Insulators in distribution system
  10. Protection in distribution system
  11. Net metering system


This course requires basic knowledge of Electrical Circuits Theory.