Duration: 15 days
Instructor: Er. Prayush Rajbhandari
Fee: NRS. 8500


  1. Introduction to Structural Analysis and Codes (NBC and IS)
  2. Finite Element Method and its uses in Structural Analysis Software
  3. Introduction to CSI ETABS
  4. Installation of CSI ETABS
  5. Modelling of Structure
    • Grid Defination
    • Material Defination
    • Structural Member Defination
    • Drawing Structural Model
  6. Defination Load Patterns, Load Combination as per NBC ans IS Codes
  7. Calculating and Assigning of Loads
  8. Running ETABS model and designning structural members
  9. Extracting ETABS output for report
  10. Manual Design
    • Slab
    • Beam
    • Column

Free Workshop

June 04, 2021
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