ReactJS Complete Training

Duration: 6 weeks
Instructor: Samip Subedi
Fee: NRS. 20000

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is declarative, component-based and doesn’t make any assumptions about the rest of your technology stack, so you can develop new features in React without rewriting existing code.

React can also render on the server using Node and power mobile apps using React Native.

Objectives of this course:

Upon completing this course, students will:

  • Be familiarized with Javascript framework.
  • Be familiarized with latest trends in React.
  • Understand what problem React addresses.
  • Understand project structuring and configuration.
  • Configure form validation.
  • Learn best practices of using React.
  • Learn advanced concepts.

Prerequisites for this course:

You must have a knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Having a basic experience of building a website and working with API is a plus.

Free Workshop on ReactJS: 

June 5, 2021
Link to introduction video:

Link to full Video:

Course Content:

  • Introduction to React
    1. Current Scenario of React
    2. Environment Setup
    3. Overview of React
    4. Introducing JSX, Hello World!
    5. Overview of ES6
  • Understanding React by building a Contact Directory Application [Project I]
    1. Project Setup
    2. React Components and Props
    3. State and Life cycle methods
    4. Event handling
    5. Handling Ajax Requests
  • State Management by building a Todo Application [Project II]
    1. Introduction to Redux
    2. Introduction to Redux-Saga
    3. Reducers
    4. Connecting Redux to React
    5. Actions and Action Creators
    6. Middle-wares
  • Navigation in React by building a Blog Application [Project III]
    1. Project Setup
    2. React Router Setup
  • Form validation in Blog Application with formik
    1. Getting values in and out of form state
    2. Validation and error messages
    3. Handling Form Submission
  • Testing in React
    1. Setting up Project for test
    2. Unit testing
  • Advanced concepts
    1. Code Splitting
    2. Context
    3. Refs
    4. Higher Order Components
    5. Integrating other libraries
  • GraphQL in React
    1. React-Apollo store Setup
    2. Query
    3. Mutation
  • Understanding React Hooks [Project IV]
    1. Introduction to Hooks
    2. Using Hooks
    3. Creating custom Hooks
  • Conclusion and What's Next?